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..... from living in Debt to living the Dream!

There is nothing that a community of women cannot achieve together! Get control of your money; get out of debt; rediscover your dream; find your motivation; create that longed for lifestyle ..... TOGETHER! 

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What's the 3 Step Debt Free Diva Coaching Plan?


Get out of Debt and in control of your finances by working with a Private Facebook Group for Accountability, Coaching and Fun Challenges. 




Rehearse the Money Management Strategies you need to get Debt Free and create your own compelling future for your very own Opening Night!

£10 pcm



Identify your income generating side project, build your business and launch onto to the Stage like the Debt Free Diva you are! 

£25 pcm

Meet Your Coach:

Elaine Colliar 

in the last Economic downturn of 2008 I lost almost everything as my Bank withdrew from the property sector and forced my business into liquidation. From being on the brink of Financial Independence I was suddenly thrust into the world of being a Single Mum on benefits. 

I fought back - and hard! Crafting a plan that saved our home and got me debt free in record time. I recorded my progress on the Award Winning Blog www.mortgagefreeinthree.com and went on to write a financial column for a national newspaper. Life got saner ...... for a little while! 

But now, looking forward to a post Covid economy and with BREXIT biting I realised that a place for women just like me was going to be needed like in no other time before! We needed to equip ourselves with the skills to not just survive but thrive in perilous economic times and create income for ourselves that is not dependent on what turns out to be pretty insecure traditional employment. 

So the Debt Free Divas was created - a three-step "By women for women" coaching programme that gets you in control of your finances and looking creatively at future income generating side projects .. or even a whole new career change as a totally rocking Diva Entrepreneur. 

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Here's Why You Will Love This Online Community 

There is nothing that a group of women working together can't accomplish!

We Divas are not the "bright young things". We are "women of a certain vintage" and frankly we are done with living our lives under rules we had little hand in making.

We juggle kids, elderly parents, partners and sometimes difficult bosses that no matter our competencies always seem to expect us "still to make the tea!" Frankly - we are done with this nonsense!

We are fed up being invisible. We don't believe that our dreams should die within us or that we should always be last in line when the good stuff is happening. 

We have decided that "THIS IS OUR TIME!"

Inside you is a Debt Free Diva ready to break free!   

We are smart, we are open to learning new skills only this time we want these skills to give us the financial freedom and life that we crave.

We understand that being part of a community of like-minded women is such an asset in such a time as this. That support, accountability and mentoring is what give us the edge.

We want now to design our own futures, achieve our own goals and create our own legacy. We are unapologetic at carving out time to identify our area of genius and to make money for the value we create .. THIS IS OUR TIME!! 

Your Community is waiting to meet its newest Diva NOW! 

Ready to create that new future?  Start today!

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Let's Hear What Other Divas Are Saying

My life has been

so much better!

Elaine, you gave me the gumption to get out of a toxic relationship that I was staying in because I was concerned about the financial losses.

Your coaching made me realize I could do it, and that the emotional gains were well worth the financial losses. And truly, I want to report that my life has been so much better!!


I am getting so motivated daily!

" Just wanted to let you know I am loving the Diva Group!

I am getting so motivated daily. Thank you for your leadership and friendship. My circle is small and I'm so glad to be making you a part of itl."


Achieved more than I have  in the last few years!

" I can't believe I have been a Diva for less than a week and I've probably achieved more than I have in the last few years!

I'm even motivated to clean today and anyone who knows me will testify that never, ever happens!


Really proud  of myself!.

"Really proud of myself as we set a target this month to make an extra £500. This was always going to be a bit of a stretch but we’re only £30 off target now!

I increased my part time job by a couple of hours which was £110 a month, got £200 of outstanding payments for freelance work and the rest is all from eBay, where we have been selling all our old clutter.


Here's What You Get With The FREE Debt Free Diva Community

  • Private Facebook Group for inspiration and coaching 

  • Daily Mentoring Nuggets to move you closer to your own Debt Free Day

  • Notification of every new Blog Post and Downloadable as soon as it is published 

  • Weekly Interactive Video Calls with Divas who have crushed it!  

  • A opportunity towork personally with Elaine to launch your Diva Biz when ready 

  • New ventures need solid foundations - time to start building yours!

    Your first Step is to get Debt Free ! For Free!  

    Join the Debt Free Divas

    Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Future and live that life you had almost given up dreaming of? 

    In 30 days you will be 30 days older - but you could be 30 days closer to being Debt Free and launching your own profitable side project. And here is your opportunity with guided mentoring and an ever encouraging support group. Join the Debt Free Diva Movement today!

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